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Ohio’s Heroin Epidemic and its Implications on Family Law

The heroin epidemic in Ohio and across the rest of the United States has dominated headlines. It is an epidemic that is affecting not only low-income families, but also middle-class and upper-class families as well. It is particularly prevalent in Ohio, where attorney general Mike DeWine says you can get the drug anywhere in Ohio, […]

April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In Family Law cases, we frequently see cases of sexual assault and other domestic violence. There are many avenues available to aid victims of sexual assault. For instance, in our community, there is an organization called the Abuse Rape and Crisis Shelter of Warren County. It specializes in helping victims of all kinds of abuse […]

Should Courts Force Parents to Vaccinate Their Children?

We all know that flu season is upon us. Reportedly, the recent flu vaccination is only 30% effective against the current flu strain.[1] Recently, a Domestic Relations Court in Michigan held a Mother in contempt for failing to vaccinate her children.[2] The reason it did so was because she had previously agreed to vaccinate her […]

Domestic Violence and Divorce

Domestic Violence is an issue that unfortunately is not discussed enough in the societal conversation about divorce. All too often we hear of instances where someone goes on a violent shooting rampage, but first starts the violence at home. This past November, a gunman in California killed five people after trying to shoot children at […]

Read This Before You Jump Into Those Springtime Home Renovations

Under Ohio law, Revised Code Section 3105.171, a domestic relations court must equitably divide marital property prior to granting a divorce. However, “equitably” does not mean “equally.” When determining whether property is “marital” or “separate” property, a Court must determine whether the property was acquired during the marriage. If the property is separate, the Court […]

GOP Tax Bill

Regardless of your political opinion, the GOP tax bill currently before the House of Representatives has a provision that could concern individuals in Domestic Relations Court. Currently, spousal support payments are tax-deductible from an individual’s gross income on their federal tax returns. The party that receives support payments must claim the payments as additional income. […]


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