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Shared Parenting; What is it?

In Ohio, there are two kinds of custody, sole custody and shared parenting. Sole Custody means that one parent has the ability to make decisions for the child or children. Shared Parenting means that both parents have the ability to make decisions for the child or children. If the parents agree on shared parenting, attorneys for the parents will have to draft what is called a “Shared Parenting Plan.” This plan will dictate and describe how the parents will conduct themselves, how they will make decisions about the child or children, what parenting time they each will have, and how bills/payments will be made. If you are entering into a shared parenting plan, you will have to determine who is paying child support, how much they will be paying, how you will be dividing uninsured medical costs, extracurricular and school fees, and much, much more. There are many decisions to be made when entering into a shared parenting plan, so it is helpful to have an attorney to help you navigate the legal waters. If you are thinking about having a shared parenting arrangement with your ex, please give our office a call to schedule a consultation.


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