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Where do you do your laundry? And Other Important Questions That Affect Spousal Support

Recently, the Fifth Appellate District in Ohio held in Grischow v. Grischow, that the domestic relations trial court out of Delaware County, Ohio did not err when it denied a motion to terminate spousal support based on cohabitation. In Ohio, most courts hold that spousal support can be terminated if it is established that the […]

What do Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Matt Lauer and a Maryland Football Locker Room have in common? Sexual Assault.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. In the age of the #MeToo movement, many powerful people have been accused of sexual assault in the last year. Politicians, Actors, Comedians, and other public figures have resigned, quit, or been fired due to accusations of sexual assault.[1] Schools around the country are figuring out how to deal […]

Child Support Series: Part 1- The New “Economic Tables”

Starting March 28th of this year, all the previous child support rules in Ohio will change. Child Support is calculated from a set of economic tables which contained data based off of economic conditions from the 1980s. This means that people in Ohio, up until March of this year, were paying child support based off […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are dedicating this blog to making others more aware of the different types of domestic violence. Domestic abuse can be mental, emotional, financial, sexual, and physical. If you have ever known someone that couldn’t be home even ten minutes late or their spouse would get angry, that […]

Shared Parenting; What is it?

In Ohio, there are two kinds of custody, sole custody and shared parenting. Sole Custody means that one parent has the ability to make decisions for the child or children. Shared Parenting means that both parents have the ability to make decisions for the child or children. If the parents agree on shared parenting, attorneys […]

Custody of Children in the Age of In Vitro Fertilization

Recently, a Court out of Canada ruled that a divorced woman can keep a fertilized embryo that her ex-husband and her had paid for while they were married. The Judge determined that it was “property” and granted the woman rights to the fertilized embryo.[1] In Vitro Fertilization has caused many problems in the legal world […]

Spousal Support and Retirement

When people that have been married for many years divorce close to the time when they also might be retiring, spousal support can get a bit complicated. Obviously, the spouse making less money wants the max amount of spousal support they can obtain. After all, most couples in this situation have been married for over […]

Getting Divorced? You’ll Have Homework to Do

By the time couples are ready to divorce, most of the time, they want it to be over as soon as possible. In some cases, one party wants to drag things out to enact revenge on the other party. But, in most instances, both parties want to know when everything will just be over. Unfortunately, […]

Ohio May Be Changing the Way It Calculates Child Support

There have been a number of bills passed back and forth recently between the House and the Senate to address how child support is calculated. Senate Bill 125[1] and House Bill 366[2] are two bills that will reevaluate the way that Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agencies calculate child support. Senate Bill 125 changes the economic […]

{Why Do I Have to Pay Child Support?} {There Is No Way I’m Paying Him Spousal Support.}

Many clients come in to our office and are shocked that they may have to pay child support and/or spousal support. Traditionally, Mothers were stay-at-home moms and made little to no income. Therefore, they would receive both child support, a monetary contribution towards supporting the children, and spousal support, a monetary contribution that enables the […]


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