Divorcing? Take a break from work

| Nov 2, 2020 | Divorce |

Ending a marriage can take its toll on you, emotionally, mentally and physically. It may seem as if you have a growing list of tasks and a shrinking amount of energy. This may be an ideal time to take time off work. 

Briefly setting aside your professional life can have two advantages: your work will not suffer and you will have time for emotionally healing activities. During your divorce or marriage dissolution, you need to follow your own schedule. Spend your time doing these things rather than showing up at the office. 

Seek professional help

During your divorce, you may consult with many professionals who have tight schedules. You need to be available to meet with your attorney and financial advisor. You may want to see a counselor or therapist for your mental well-being. Sleepless nights, excess stress and increased anxiety may also warrant a trip to your physician. 

Take care of yourself

Self-care has never been more important. You are making decisions that can impact the rest of your life, so you need to be at the top of your game. Get enough sleep. Take time to eat proper, nutritious meals. Exercise regularly. 

Connect with others

As your marriage ends, your relationships with others become even more crucial. Reach out to family and friends for frequent get-togethers. If your support network dwindles, widen your social circle with a church group or hobby club. 

Get away

The emotional toll of a divorce can be overwhelming; a few days away may help you keep your sanity. Visit a naturally healing place such as the mountains or the ocean. Attend a spiritual retreat or travel to a place you have always dreamed of going.