Don’t let anger jeopardize your divorce outcome

| Mar 13, 2020 | Divorce |

The stress caused by divorce often acts as a trigger for people to fire off a snarky comment or two about their spouse, either verbally or through social media, especially if the breakup develops into a contentious situation.

But even if you have a reputation for being a calm and kind person, momentary meltdowns about your soon-to-be-ex can damage your credibility, harm your family relationships and put a favorable divorce result at risk.

Taking the high road can lead to multiple rewards

Making harsh comments about your spouse may make you feel better for a minute or two, but any relief is short-lived. In contrast, taking a reasoned and businesslike approach can result in long-term benefits, such as:

  • Favorable custody arrangements: Courts always put the best interests of children first in custody matters. If your anger and resentment against your spouse are public, they can be used against you and may result in the court ordering you to spend less time with your kids.
  • Getting your fair share: Publicly berating a spouse or attempting to tarnish their image, even if they have it coming, can backfire and make them less willing to negotiate over dividing marital assets. That can lead to a lengthy and costly court battle.
  • Reducing stress levels: Divorce is stressful, even when spouses get along. Adding anger and resentment not only make it harder for you, but your children and extended family can also suffer as a result. If your spouse tries to provoke you, do your best not to respond in kind.

Keep a clear head and stay focused

Even a one-time lapse in judgment made in public can hurt your chances for a favorable divorce outcome. If your spouse rants and raves, let them. An experienced family law attorney can help you stay focused and positive, so you end up in a better place, both psychologically and financially.