Ohio May Be Changing the Way It Calculates Child Support

| Jun 4, 2019 | Uncategorized |

There have been a number of bills passed back and forth recently between the House and the Senate to address how child support is calculated. Senate Bill 125[1] and House Bill 366[2] are two bills that will reevaluate the way that Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agencies calculate child support. Senate Bill 125 changes the economic data that is used to calculate child support and accounts for shared parenting arrangements.[3] The child support calculations were last updated in 1992 but the economic data that is used today in child support calculations is from the 1980’s.[4] Ohio obligors owe more than $4.5 billion in unpaid child support.[5] Unfortunately, many of this debt is owed by people that have little to no income.[6] With more people entering into shared parenting arrangements and the changing of family structures, it is about time that the child support system is changed to address the times. Many of our clients complain about the outdated nature of the child support system. Hopefully, the House and Senate can work together to pass a bill that will adequately address the outdated system and also ensure that Ohio’s children are well taken care of.

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