Divorce and Summertime Schedules

| May 3, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Planning a schedule for the next ten plus years of your life may seem impossible, but it is what the Court asks you to do when you get divorced and have shared parenting with your ex-spouse. The Court requires you to outline every minute of every day until your minor children emancipate. Summertime is easier than the school year to plan, but it is often the most fought over time because each parent wants to make the most of their children’s time off from school. Many people decide to split up the summer into equal weeks so that each parent can exercise the same amount of time. Sometimes, the parent with more parenting time during the school year may try to keep the schedule the same during the summer as it is in the school year. This may work for some couples, but it is important for parents to realize that children want to spend as much time with both parents as possible. During the school year, it can be hard for children to go back and forth between homes because of the consistent school schedule, homework and extracurricular activities. However, during the summertime, there aren’t as many constraints on children, so, most of the time, it is important that the children have equal time with both parents. If you have parenting schedule issues in your divorce or post-divorce case, call our office to schedule a consultation.