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Dividing property and hidden assets

One concern for people in Ohio who are getting a divorce may be how property will be divided. In a California divorce, a 61-year-old woman who had been the main support for her family for 10 years was concerned because her husband wanted their home and half of her 401(k). Since California, unlike Ohio, is a community property state, the husband was probably entitled to half of the 401(k), but it is unlikely that a person would be awarded an entire house in any divorce unless it was the sole property of that person or part of an agreed-upon exchange.

Seeking a fair split of assets in a divorce

For Ohio residents going through a divorce, negotiating the division of assets might be a very uncomfortable aspect of the process. However, advocating for themselves might be the best decision they take, particularly if they keep certain things in mind that might protect them and ensure that the division is a fair one in the long term.

Focusing on children could limit conflicts with ex-spouse

When parents in Ohio divorce, they often need to establish new relationships as co-parents. The emotions and issues that led to the split in the first place naturally encumber this task. However, specific strategies can ease tensions, especially if one party wants to focus on negativity.

How to make sure alimony is tax deductible

In Ohio divorces, alimony is meant to help a lower-earning spouse make ends meet for a set duration or indeterminate amount of time. Fortunately, alimony payments may be deductible by the paying spouse as long as the order or agreement complies with Internal Revenue Service rules.

When a couple should avoid mediation

There comes a time when an Ohio couple decides that they no longer want to be married. Although mediation is often a first choice when it comes to actually dissolving the marriage, this method is not for every couple.

What to do with a home in a divorce

Many divorcing couples are fixated on their marital homes. While some spouses want to keep their homes, others are intent on selling and keeping the profits. For Ohio couples who are thinking about divorce, what to do with the marital home might become a source of conflict.


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