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Careers can have an impact on marriage

Although most Ohio residents do not get married with the intention of getting a divorce sometime in the future, stress and other complications can and do cause some marriages to fail. According to U.S. Census data, some careers can even have a major impact on a person's marriage.

Recognizing fact from fiction in a divorce

Ohio residents who are ending their marriage might find themselves the recipients of advice from family and friends. While most people mean well, those involved in the actual divorce need to be able to sort the facts from the fiction, which might help make the entire process less stressful.

More Americans are okay with divorce

Divorce can unearth many personally negative feelings. In addition to a person's internal feelings, some couples say they perceive a social stigma about divorce. Although these feelings are a natural, though likely unwelcome, part of the divorce process, there may be less of a negative social attitude toward it today than ever before.

How a gray divorce can affect a couple's retirement plan

Ohio residents may be interested to learn that the rate of gray divorce cases, or divorce after 20 or more years of marriage for people 50 and older, has doubled since the 1990s. Although various studies have tried to explain the trend, the reality is that both individuals may be very different people from who they were when they tied the knot.

For higher-earning wives, the complexities of divorce

Ohio couples who are seeking a divorce will often need to negotiate the division of property. This is a delicate matter in all cases, but it can become increasingly complex when it is a high-asset divorce and particularly in cases where the wife earns more than the husband.

Divorce and a husband's employment

The most significant factor in a divorce for couples in Ohio and the rest of the nation is whether the husband is gainfully employed. This is according to a study conducted by a sociology professor at Harvard University. The professor examined 46 years' worth of data on over 6,300 married couples in the United States. She discovered that there was a rise in the number of divorces in the mid-1970s and determined that housework was not a significant contributing divorce factor after 1975, most likely because a larger number of women were becoming part of the workforce. She also found that a wife's economic independence was not linked to a higher chance of divorce.

How to dissolve a marriage in Ohio

If an Ohio couple wishes to end their marriage, each party must sign a dissolution of marriage petition. The petition must have a separation agreement attached to it that has been agreed to by both spouses. A separation agreement should determine how property is to be divided, if there will be spousal support given to either party and how parental rights are divided if a couple has minor children.

Politics trumps love for some couples

Research and opinions from divorce attorneys seem to show that couples in Ohio and elsewhere are ending their relationships because of the election of Donald Trump. According to one divorce attorney, this is partially attributable to narcissism or obsessive compulsive disorder. Essentially, individuals want partners who fully agree with their worldview for a relationship to work out. A study conducted by Wakefield Research found that 22 percent of respondents knew of a marriage or romantic relationship that was in trouble because of Trump's election.


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