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Studies look at common reasons for divorce

There may be a few common reasons that many couples in Ohio get a divorce. For example, financial problems may lead to the end of a marriage. If one person has the burden of supporting the couple for a long period, this could lead to stress and divorce.

Another common reason for divorce is substance abuse. The marriage might end when one person issues an ultimatum about drug or alcohol abuse, and the other person does not follow it. Infidelity may end marriages as well although experts say that in some cases, couples may be closer after an infidelity.

A lack of commitment causes some marriages to end. A person might express this with an unwillingness to work on the marriage. Too much arguing could also lead to divorce. For some couples, even small conflicts tend to escalate into full-blown fights.

In one study that allowed participants to select more than one reason for the divorce, over half chose "growing apart" as one of those reasons. In another study, it was in fourth place as a reason. Finally, the age of a couple at marriage may affect how vulnerable the marriage is to divorce. Getting married too young, particularly as teenagers, is a problem, but research has also shown that couple who marry after their early 30s may also be more likely to divorce.

Once a couple has decided to divorce, it is necessary to divide property and make decisions about child custody. The circumstances of the divorce might affect this process as well. For example, if a parent feels that the other parent's substance abuse endangers the well-being of their children, that parent might ask for supervised visitation for the other parent. Financial issues could mean one spouse has to pay for a portion of the other spouse's debt.

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