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Identifying the signs of parental alienation

Ohio residents who are contemplating divorce or going through the process of divorce may be interested in learning about the signs of parental alienation. Parental alienation is a term used to describe parents who try to turn their child against their ex-spouse. Contrary to what some may believe, a parent does not need to be the primary caregiver to be involved in parental alienation. Their pathological personality might stonewall their ex-spouse, thereby limiting the amount of time their children get to spend with them.

Divorced parents should be on the lookout for some of the signs that their ex-spouse is trying to alienate their child from them. Many of these signs include changes in the way their child interacts with them. For example, the child may start to request that one parent no longer comes to their sports or music activities. Alternatively, the child may start to have a disobedient and defiant attitude toward one parent that they did not have before. The child could go as far as becoming argumentative or combative to the point of reacting with explosive rage toward the parent.

When the parent who is the target of the alienation confronts their child, the child could at first give the impression that the alienation and the rejection of the parent was their idea. This could be because of the parenting of the non-targeted spouse.

If a parent feels that their ex-spouse is alienating them from their child, they could seek the assistance of a family law attorney. These attorneys may help not only with the divorce, but they may also represent their clients in matters of child custody. They might argue before a judge for the fitness of their client as a parent.

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