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Why Ohio couples divorce

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that by the fifth year of being married, a divorce, death or separation will affect the marriages of 22 percent of couples in Ohio and the rest of the country. For couples who have been married for at least two decades, the rate for the disruption of a marriage increases to 53 percent. While there can be multiple contributing factors, there are some main reasons why couples choose to get a divorce.

One of the primary causes of divorce is infidelity. In addition to having physical affairs, spouses can be unfaithful if they engage in an emotional affair with someone to whom they are not married. Cheating can be a one-time occurrence or can happen repeatedly.

Having problems with money is also common contributing factor to divorce. Differing opinions between spouses on how they should save or spend their money can place a strain on a marriage. Some marriages are also not able to handle the wife earning more of an income than the husband. Another common reason for divorce is an addition to alcohol, sex, drugs or any other behavior or thing a spouse feels compelled to prioritize instead of his or her family. If the spouse who is not battling an addition opts to leave, the marriage is likely to end in a divorce.

A family law attorney may assist clients who are seeking a divorce by providing objective counsel regarding divorce legal issues and by protecting their rights and interests. The attorney may advise whether engaging in litigation, mediation or negotiation tactics may be the most appropriate legal avenue to take in order to resolve disputes.

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