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Risk factors for divorce

People in Ohio who get married in their late 20s may have a lower divorce rate than those who marry in their teens or after their early 30s. Studies have also found that a larger age gap between spouses raises the likelihood of divorce. A number of studies have also identified other factors that may contribute to divorce.

For example, marriages in which the husband does not work full time are more likely to end in divorce. This may be connected to the belief that the husband should be the breadwinner because it appeared to not be affected by what kind of employment the wife had. Couples who did not finish high school are more likely to get a divorce than those who did. People who are most affectionate with one another when they first marry may also be more likely to get divorced.

Contempt has been identified as one of the attitudes between a couple that can result in a divorce. Another dynamic between partners that may predict divorce is when one person presses the other while the other person has a pattern of withdrawing. Researchers have also found they can predict that some marriages are vulnerable to divorce based on the negative stories couples tell about their marriages.

If people are going through a divorce because of some of the situations above, those situations may affect the divorce agreement. For example, if one person works part-time and makes significantly less money than the other, the other person might be required to pay spousal support. If the divorce is a high-conflict one, a couple might be unable to negotiate an agreement with their attorneys. If the couple has to go to court, a person may want to talk to an attorney about useful strategies for litigation.

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