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Studies identify factors that may lead to divorce

Divorce might be more likely for Ohio couples who spent more than $20,000 on their wedding than for couples who spent less than $1,000. Studies have identified this and a number of other factors related to the stability of marriages. Couples who are more attractive or whose alcohol consumption differs are also more likely to get a divorce.

People whose parents divorced are more likely to do so themselves including adoptees whose biological parents divorced. Having been divorced before also increases the likelihood of a divorce as second and later marriages are less likely to last than first marriages. People who marry when they are older than 32 or in their late teens or early 20s may be more likely to get divorced than people who marry in their late 20s or early 30s.

Couples who have a child within the first seven months after marriage are less likely to reach their 15th anniversary than those who have a child after that point. When the first-born child is a daughter, there is a higher chance of divorce. Women who were brought up in religious families are less likely to get a divorce than those who were not. Finally, couples who have bachelor's degrees are more likely to stay married for at least twenty years than couples who did not finish college or only have high school diplomas.

When a marriage does end in a divorce, a number of factors may affect how the divorce proceeds including whether or not the couple has children, how many assets the couple has and whether both people work outside the home and have a similar income. Couples might want to negotiate a settlement with the assistance of their respective lawyers rather than have a judge decide these issues.

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