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Study looks at link between jobs, divorce rate

People in Ohio whose careers involve transportation or night life may have a higher divorce rate than the national average. This was one of the findings of a study presented by FlowingData using information from the 2015 American Community Survey.

The study identified science and math-related careers as among those with the lowest likelihood of divorce. The national divorce rate in 2015 was 35 percent, but for actuaries, the rate was lower than 20 percent. Scientists and physicians also had a low rate at just above 20 percent while gaming managers and bartenders had a divorce rate higher than 50 percent. One commonality between the careers with lower divorce rates is that they offer a more regular schedule and a higher income. The study also found that divorce, income and the chance of a child becoming ill were correlated.

Other occupations with a low divorce rate include clergy and occupations that are associated with rural locations including farming, fishing and forestry. Military careers also had a low rate of divorce.

The jobs, income and even schedules of people involved in a divorce may be a factor in the outcome. When there is a military divorce, the length of the divorce is significant in determining what benefits the nonmilitary spouse will receive. If one spouse was a high earner and the other was not, the lower-earning spouse might be paid spousal support for a certain period of time. High earnings from one or both spouses may also mean a complex process of property division. Jobs may also affect how child custody is decided. While a judge makes a decision with the best interests of the child in mind and not the parent, it is unlikely that a parent facing military deployment or whose job required constant travel would be the best candidate for primary physical custody.

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