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Focusing on children could limit conflicts with ex-spouse

When parents in Ohio divorce, they often need to establish new relationships as co-parents. The emotions and issues that led to the split in the first place naturally encumber this task. However, specific strategies can ease tensions, especially if one party wants to focus on negativity.

Unless a history of abuse or addiction complicates the situation, a parent could reduce the chance of angry flare ups with the ex by always centering communication around the needs of the children. By keeping the best interests of the children front and center, a parent could find the motivation to ignore and divert the other parent's attempts to start an argument.

Although most people leave a marriage so that they can avoid dealing with the ex's issues, successful co-parenting requires staying mindful of the other parent's triggers. Avoidance of subjects that are sure to incite anger could allow a person to diminish tension and maintain focus on communications related to child rearing. The effort could give children the space to have a relationship with both parents. When parents stop themselves from criticizing each other in front of the children, the children can feel open to express their feelings.

Someone beginning the process of creating a co-parenting plan might benefit from legal advice. An attorney familiar with divorce issues could explain parental rights and guide the client through decisions about shared custody. A lawyer could aid negotiations between the parents, especially if they are openly hostile, and draft the custody agreement and divorce settlement for the family court to review. When necessary, an attorney could defend the client's position in court if the ex-partner will not accept reasonable compromises.

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