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When a couple should avoid mediation

There comes a time when an Ohio couple decides that they no longer want to be married. Although mediation is often a first choice when it comes to actually dissolving the marriage, this method is not for every couple.

When couples decide to attempt mediation, they must put aside their differences in an effort to work together. If they cannot do this, the mediation process will not work. For example, if a person is not okay with his or her former spouse being fine during and after the mediation process, he or she is not a good candidate for that method. Further, each must be able to accept the other person's view of reality. If one or both individuals are too committed to their views of what happened during the relationship, it may be too difficult for them to come to an agreement without help.

Mediation will also not work if people cannot advocate for themselves. Whether this is due to being in an abusive relationship, a disability or other circumstances, mediation requires both individuals to be active when negotiating. If a person has unlawful demands and will not negotiate something more reasonable, mediation will ultimately fail.

The mediation process is just one option when it comes to ending a marriage. Depending on how well the couple can work together, other methods include collaborative divorce and litigation. Litigation can be the most difficult due to the fact that this method often pits one party against another, potentially leaving both parties unsatisfied with the decisions made by the judge. Regardless of what method a couple chooses when getting a divorce, a family law attorney could help ensure that any final agreement is fair and lawful.

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