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Prenuptial agreements can provide benefits

After accepting a marriage proposal, few people relish the idea of their soon-to-be spouse asking them to discuss the terms of a prenuptial agreement. Among the many uncomfortable conversations to come up, prenups may be the least enjoyable to start on both ends. However, they do offer several benefits to an engaged Ohio couple.

A person looking to tie the knot typically thinks that he or she knows enough about the partner's character and long-term goals. If the suggestion of a prenup is a surprise, the reality may be that there is more to know. Fortunately, the process of making this family law document can lead to a deeper understanding between the couple. Some of the things people are likely to learn about their partners are their attitude towards money, financial priorities and communication style with difficult topics.

Each partner will also get a chance to preview the dynamics of decision-making as a married couple. Once the decision is accepted to enter the process of crafting a prenup, both parties can benefit from having their own attorneys experienced in family law. Knowledgeable attorneys can help couples explore negotiation options, such as mediation and collaborative law.

A couple preparing to discuss a prenuptial agreement will benefit from knowing what can and cannot be covered. For example, courts will not uphold provisions regarding child custody or support. It is also important that the agreement be negotiated and signed well in advance of the wedding day in order to prevent a subsequent claim that one of the parties was forced to sign it under duress.

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