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Getting a DNA test to establish paternity

When Ohio parents who are not married are going through a custody battle, it is likely that the court will need to establish paternity before the case can move forward. Establishing paternity identifies the biological father of a child, gives that person certain rights to the child, and allows the mother to seek child support if appropriate.

While there are several ways to establish paternity, courts usually requires a DNA test before they order noncustodial parents to pay child support. This is partly to ensure to the best of their abilities that the person being ordered to pay child support is in fact the child's biological parent. Further, the government relies on DNA tests to ensure that the noncustodial parent is actively making child support payments before administering programs such as Temporary Aid to Needy Families.

Those who are getting DNA tests for court proceedings are required to have the tests go through an accredited lab. The DNA sample is taken from a cheek swab that was conducted by a trained professional. From the time the sample is taken to when the results are received by the court, all parts of the process are handled in a "chain of custody" procedure. This ensures that the results have not been tampered with.

Going through a child support dispute can be difficult, especially if the man does not believe that he is the biological father of a child. In these cases, a court will require all parties involved to take a DNA test. If the DNA test shows that the person is in fact the child's biological father, the court could order child support. A family law attorney could advocate for the child's mother in the event the father fails to make the required payments by going back to court to request that the order be enforced.

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