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Co-parenting after divorce in Ohio

Divorce may change the structure of your family, but it doesn't change your role as a parent. Divorced parents are still responsible for child support payments, parenting time or a combination of both. While you may be rightfully concerned about how life will change, you can be assured that the law recognizes the importance of both parents in a child's life.

Each state is allowed to make its own rules regarding how child custody is arranged. What you heard from your friend in Indiana who recently went through a divorce may not be the same as what is allowed to happen in Ohio. How does the law shape child custody in our state?

Custody decisions are made in the best interests of the children

There's no doubt that child custody is one of the most contentious issues of divorce. Your emotional connection to your child is like no other relationship in your life. While both parents will likely have a substantial role in their child's life after divorce, custody may not be a 50/50 split, nor do some legal experts see equal time as an optimal arrangement for children.

Here are some factors that dictate child custody time:

  • How a child's schooling could be affected by a move.
  • The┬ánumber of other children in the household, including blended family scenarios.
  • The child's wishes, depending on age.
  • The child's physical and mental health.

Your situation in life could dictate how much time you spend with your kids too. These factors include:

  • Criminal record.
  • Willingness to cooperate with your ex-spouse.
  • Your proximity to your children or ex.
  • Physical and mental health.

As a parent, you can take certain steps throughout the divorce proceedings to keep yourself in good standing with your ex and the court including:

  • Obeying temporary custody and support orders.
  • Working with your spouse to make divorce a low-stress process for your kids.
  • Remaining transparent with finances and relationships.
  • Seeking trustworthy legal advice

A family law attorney can be your guide through the process and see that your wishes as a parent are met in accordance with the law. No one can guarantee a particular outcome for your case, but parents can be assured that even though marriage may be ending, there's still room for love in the law.

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