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Careers can have an impact on marriage

Although most Ohio residents do not get married with the intention of getting a divorce sometime in the future, stress and other complications can and do cause some marriages to fail. According to U.S. Census data, some careers can even have a major impact on a person's marriage.

For example, an analysis of the data showed that those who were employed in the military career were more likely to get a divorce by the age of 30 than those who were in other careers. Overall, the divorce rate was found to be 15 percent. Within the military career path, first-line enlisted military supervisors had the highest rate of divorce by that age at 30 percent. Logisticians, automotive service technicians and tactical operations workers had the next highest divorce rates.

In fact. military-enlisted jobs took three spots in the top 10 highest divorce rates by career. This may be due to the fact that military service members face some unique circumstances as part of their job. Many service members marry at a very early age and then move often, which can have a major impact. Further, deployments and mental health were found to have profound effects on military marriages.

A divorce can have a variety of causes ranging from infidelity and irreconcilable differences to stress and money problems. However, dissolving a marriage can be a lengthy process, particularly if the couple cannot agree when it comes to property division and child custody or child support. While there are options available for couples who want to negotiate a divorce settlement outside of court, others may turn to litigation. A family law attorney could provide assistance to a client in this regard.

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