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How to dissolve a marriage in Ohio

If an Ohio couple wishes to end their marriage, each party must sign a dissolution of marriage petition. The petition must have a separation agreement attached to it that has been agreed to by both spouses. A separation agreement should determine how property is to be divided, if there will be spousal support given to either party and how parental rights are divided if a couple has minor children.

Politics trumps love for some couples

Research and opinions from divorce attorneys seem to show that couples in Ohio and elsewhere are ending their relationships because of the election of Donald Trump. According to one divorce attorney, this is partially attributable to narcissism or obsessive compulsive disorder. Essentially, individuals want partners who fully agree with their worldview for a relationship to work out. A study conducted by Wakefield Research found that 22 percent of respondents knew of a marriage or romantic relationship that was in trouble because of Trump's election.

When children want to live with their noncustodial parent

After a divorce of parents who have young children, there will likely be a parent who the child physically spends the majority of their time with. However, the child may express a desire to live with the noncustodial parent. Depending on the maturity and age of a child, in Ohio, the child's wishes may be taken into account. If there is no legal child custody agreement in place, children may live wherever they like as long as the parents are in agreement.

What to do in a child custody hearing

Ohio parents who are involved in a child custody dispute may be tempted to try to convince the court that they are more fit to be the custodial parent. However, this can backfire. If a parent appears to be bitter toward the other parent, the judge may conclude that parent is less fit because of an unwillingness to compromise. The parent should also avoid speaking on behalf of the child because this could also create a negative impression on the judge. Most older children will have the opportunity to state a preference about which parent they would like to live with.


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