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5 ways to help kids cope with divorce

Divorce can be difficult for everyone involved. The spouses themselves, of course, will struggle to adapt to single life after their marriage ends, but the transition is often much harder for the children. Knowing that things will be difficult, there are some actions that you can take, as a parent, to help your kids get through your divorce in the healthiest way possible.

Custody hearings and the child's best interests

Ohio parents who are getting a divorce and who have been unable to come to an agreement with each other about child custody might need to enter litigation. While a child custody battle may not be the best outcome, there are strategies parents can use that could increase the likelihood that they will win custody.

Obtaining back child support

Many families in Ohio depend on child support to ensure that their children's expenses are paid for. Custodial parents who are seeking an order for support as part of the divorce decree may sometimes want to collect retroactive support, such as fro the date of physical separation.

Disabled parents with child support obligations

Situations in which a parent is required to pay child support and develops a physical disability can affect the recipients who rely on the payments. Ohio should be aware of their options if they or their ex-partners are no longer able to make timely child support payments.

Preparing for divorce helps protect business interests

Some happy couples in Ohio avoid talking about prenuptial agreements because they do not want to consider the possibility that a relationship could end. If protecting personal finances is not enough reason to consider a prenup, protecting a company might convince married business owners that they need to prepare an exit strategy.


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