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Older couples in Ohio are divorcing more often

Couples at or over the age of 50 in Ohio and around the country are choosing to divorce in higher and higher numbers while younger couples are more likely to stay together according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics. The rate of divorces among couples at or over the age of 50 doubled between 1990 and 2015, and the percentage of couples at or over the age of 65 seeking a divorce increased by a factor of three.

The biggest drop in divorce rates was observed in couples between the ages of 25 and 39. Experts say that this is because many millennials are putting off marriage for financial or other reasons, and census data shows that the median age at the time of a first marriage has increased from 26.1 to 29.5 years for men and 23.9 to 27.4 years for women. Today's married couples are also more likely to have attended college, and research has found that university-educated spouses tend to divorce less often.

The data also suggests that longer marriages are more likely to endure and older spouses who have been married before are more likely to divorce. The divorce rate among older spouses who have been married for between 20 and 29 years is 13 per 1,000, but that figure jumps to 21 per 1,000 for marriages of less than 10 years. The data also reveals that remarriages among older couples are about twice as likely as first marriages to end in divorce.

While divorce negotiations involving older spouses are unlikely to be derailed by contentious issues like child custody and visitation, discussions over retirement accounts and investment portfolios could still become heated. Experienced family law attorneys may argue the matter of spousal support vigorously when their clients are approaching their golden years, and they may urge older spouses to make concessions in other areas in return for a secure and reliable source of retirement income.

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