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How child may better adjust in a divorce

Ohio parents who are ending their marriage and who need to talk to their children about the situation should try to have the conversation together. Children should be allowed to ask questions, and parents should answer the questions based on the age of the child and what will reassure the child that they are safe and loved. However, they should not share inappropriate details about the divorce or badmouth one another. Parents should make an effort to speak in a positive way about one another and to avoid arguments in front of children.

In some situations, parents might agree to live together in the same home throughout the divorce or to take turns living in the house with the children. In other cases, they may not be able to work together in this way and might need temporary custody and support orders.

Family or individual counseling could be helpful for some children. A collaborative divorce might help keep tensions at bay and could assist some parents in developing an effective co-parenting relationship.

Divorce is an emotional time, and people may not make the best decisions. However, they should not let their own feelings about the other parent affect negotiations about custody and visitation. Usually, contact with both parents is important for children in adjusting to a divorce. The exception is if there are issues such as domestic abuse. Courts make their custody decisions based upon the best interests of the child, and even when parents are able to negotiate an agreement on their own, their attorneys will remind them that that is the standard to be followed as well.

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