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Single moms: Get what you need with wage withholding

No one likes to fight over child support. You've been patient, but your ex simply isn't paying what he owes. What happens now? One option is to seek out child support by garnishing his wages.

How do courts withhold money?

An employer who receives an order called an "Income Withholding for Support" must withhold the specified amount of money from each of the person's paycheck. The employer then must send that payment to Ohio Child Support Payment Central with the Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency, who disburses the payment to you.

On top of this, the employer has to alert the CSPC if the employee is receiving a lump sum over $150. If it is determined that the funds may repay child support in arrears, the CSPC issues a transmittal request asking for the amount owed to be sent to the department.

How fast do these payments reach the intended party?

After the employer deducts the required amount of child support, that money goes to the CSPC immediately. It generally is sent electronically. Due to the transfer times, it could take several days or weeks before the payment reaches the CSPC and then you, but each case is different. Your attorney can help you understand the exact amount of time you should expect to wait between payments.

What happens if my ex owes for multiple children?

An employer has the ability to process multiple orders. It's important to know that the employer may only withhold 50 percent of the person's income if your ex supports another dependent or 60 percent if not. If you are seeking arrears for longer than 12 weeks, then an additional 5 percent may be withheld per orders from the CSPC.

Is it possible to force my ex to pay for health insurance?

Child support orders always include information on a child's medical coverage and how it's paid. One or both parents may have an order to enroll in a health insurance plan now or when it becomes available. The CSEA also instructs employers on how to enroll a child in a health plan as required by the order. If your child no longer needs medical support, then a notice will alert the employer that the withholding requirements no longer apply to the employee.

Seeking child support in arrears may seem complicated, but with the right help, you can get what your child needs. Your attorney can help you understand a number of different ways that the court can seek out child support payments that are in arrears, so your child gets the support deserved from both parents.

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