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Divorce and family businesses

When an Ohio couple decides to get a divorce, they will have to split any assets that they acquired during their marriage. While deciding who gets the family home, cars or even artwork can be difficult, the former couple will have to make some tough decisions about what to do with their family business.

Deciding ownership of embryos in divorce

Getting a divorce can be complicated when children are involved. However, there may be several different outcomes for embryos that have been frozen but not yet implanted that belong to Ohio couples who have broken up. In some cases, they may be destroyed, donated for medical research purposes or kept frozen for the time being.

Divorce and QDRO fees

The division of property during a divorce can be a complicated issue. Estranged Ohio couples should be aware that dividing retirement accounts, can also be expensive. Individuals who have 401(k) plans and who are getting a divorce will have to pay a fee when they divide the contents of their accounts. The fee is assessed for the processing a qualified domestic relations order. Sometimes, the fee is not assessed as a separate charge by an employer. Instead, it is integrated into the costs of the plan.


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